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Last modified: 2011-11-07 15:14:33

Launched in 2003 EasyChange is a company that specializes in developing and delivering Interactive Tariff Guides (ITG). An ITG is a comparison engine that allows the transparent comparison of complex services such as mobile telephony, fixed telephony, broadband services, digital-­TV, bundled services, dial­‐up internet, electricity services, gas services, financial services, etc.

The ITG does not just compare basic tariffs but also all the associative data that is needed for complete price transparency such as add-ons, promotions, discounts, combinations, bundles, constraints, conditions, exceptions, etc.

We believe it is the most accurate comparison engine for services to date. Coupled with our experience and capability in delivering this system we believe that we have what is required to deliver a quality solution to any regulatory body.

The key benefits of EasyChange and the Interactive Tariff Guide:

  • Proven and trustworthy solution thanks to the high degree of accuracy of the solution. As the solution must meet regulatory approval it has always been a key goal to be correct and accurate. We believe this is very important for regulatory bodies.
  • Fully modular system. Enables it to be extended with more services over time. Each service can be customised to fit the requirements of any regulatory body. We see the ITG as a key service delivery platform for the future, not just an application.
  • Full administrative system allows the system to be maintained easily.
  • Continued development to support new price parameters, algorithms, discounts schemes, promotions, add-­ons, etc. as the market evolves is available through evolutionary maintenance.
  • Customizable user interface. The user interface can be customized to fit any requirements.
  • All data is stored in the database. Data such as tariffs, price parameters, consumption profiles, user profiles, etc. is stored in the system for statistics and analysis. This is very useful to show what the market looks like, how it changes over time, and the savings of consumers. The system can also produce calculations and comparisons based on the OECD basket of calls. This allows any regulatory body to easily and quickly compare to other countries.
  • Technical characteristics of the solution are that it is based on open source components such as Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, fast performing, high security, etc. It can also be deployed on a Windows environment.

EasyChange looks forward to having the opportunity to work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution that will allow you to move forward and deliver comparison services on top of this platform into the future.

Our technology and services has been adopted by the Commission for Communications Regulation of Ireland, ComReg. The solution is live since 2005 and has won numerous awards. ComReg remains a reference client for us. See The solution has also been adopted by the Belgian Institute for Postal and Telecommunications regulation, BIPT. See

EasyChange will as part of this project deliver the Interactive Tariff Guide solution with the following components:

  • Services (mobile/fixed/broadband/digital-tv/etc.)
  • Operators
  • Tariffs (Add/Edit/Clone/Delete)
  • Add-­ons
  • Promotions
  • Content Management System
  • Assumptions (market shares, average calling duration, call splits, etc)
  • User Profile System
  • User accounts
  • Statistics
  • Webmaster mode for translations
  • Consumption profiles (day/evening/weekend/mobile/fixed/etc.)
  • VAT rates
  • Forgotten password functions
  • Timesheet template
  • Post code management