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Last modified: 2011-11-07 15:12:01

Operators can benefit from using an Interactive Tariff Guide system. Our system can be used by operators to know exactly how their tariffs are positioned in the market against competing offers. You can create user profiles that fit with your target audience and run comparisons to show how the price and cost will be for a consumer based on different consumption profiles.

The system will store all tariffs, all iterations of the tariffs and allow you to compare over time and see trends. Using the system will help you maximise your profits as you will know exactly how to setup tariffs to maximise profits while being able to go to market with a clear value to the consumer.

Essentially the Operator Edition is based on the same system as that of the Regulatory Edition but with some specific tools for the operators added.

EasyChange can also offer to add tariffs into the system so that the operators do not need to do this themselves.To learn more about what we can offer please contact us.