Last modified: 2013-01-23 10:30:31

If you are interested in working with EasyChange to bring our solutions to new customers, markets and industries please contact us for a discussion. We are able to leverage our Interactive Tariff Guide and customise it to any new market with relative ease. New markets may include:

  • Utility comparisons such as electricity and gas
  • Financial product comparisons such as mortgages, savings accounts,  credit cards, etc.
Our Interactive Tariff Guide works in any language and currencies and can be hosted on most IT environments.

We can offer several types of partnerships:

  • Sales partner – a revenue-share partnership where you assist in finding and winning new clients and we focus on the delivery aspect of the project as well as support & maintenance. This means that your role will be to meet clients, setup meetings, drum up interest, create a sales pipeline and actively promote our solutions.
  • Solutions partner – a revenue-share partnership where you in addition to promoting our solutions also is part of the overall solution. You may be an IT consultancy company where our solutions may  be a part of a bigger project.
EasyChange is actively looking for new partners so please contact us for a discussion on how we best can work together.