About us
Last modified: 2017-01-03 15:25:43

EasyChange formed in 2003 with a focus towards building the best price comparison solution for complex services. These are services that can’t easily be compared by consumers such as: mobile telephony, family plans (multiple SIMs), fixed telephony, broadband internet, bundled services, digital TV, etc. because of the complexity of the offerings and the number of price parameters. We solve this and we call our solution the Interactive Tariff Guide (ITG). This IT platform was built for¬†regulatory bodies, telecommunications operators, consumer organisations, and commercial companies that have a need for tariff comparison solutions.¬†We have delivered and won awards for our solutions to our customers and believe we have the best and most advanced solutions for price comparisons of services.

Our customers include the telecommunications regulatory bodies in Ireland (ComReg), Belgium (BIPT), Malta (MCA) and Bermuda (RAB).

EasyChange is a privately held company with offices in Sweden and France.