News > RAB of Bermuda selects EasyChange for its price comparison needs
Last modified: 2017-01-03 15:36:15

RAB, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Bermuda selects EasyChange Interactive Tariff Guide for its consumer facing website to improve transparency of telecom pricing.

The website provides consumers with a transparent way of comparing all telecom tariffs across fixed telephony, mobile telephony, family plans, broadband internet, mobile internet and bundled services. The service can be found on, and makes complex telecom service and thousands of tariffs easy to compare through a simple interface. All aspects of a tariff is taken into consideration in the calculations and algorithms to reflect add-ons, promotions, discounts, combinations, etc. so that accurate results can be obtained.

The project is a collaboration between EasyChange, a tariff intelligence company, and RAB, the telecom regulatory body of Bermuda. It will give RAB the ability to be a leading regulatory body with enhanced tools for the consumers as well as for the RAB to understand the market and to see that the regulation it imposes works.

Increased transparency is known to drive down the cost of telecom services as it gives the consumers more information to better select the best services.