News > Malta Communications Authority launches EasyChange Interactive Tariff Guide
Last modified: 2013-01-23 10:15:08

EasyChange and MCA, the Maltese telecommunications regulatory body, earlier this year signed a contract to deliver an interactive tariff guide to the Maltese market. The new website has now been launched on the domain

The website provides consumers with a transparent way of comparing all telecom tariffs across fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband internet, mobile internet and bundled services. The interactive tariff guide website is a highly complex service as it compares many thousands of tariffs, add-ons, promotions, discounts, combinations and accurately calculates the correct cost based on the consumption that the consumer has inputted. But to use it will be easy for the consumer through a simple interface.

The project is a collaboration between EasyChange, a tariff intelligence company, and MCA, the telecom regulatory body of Malta. The tariff comparison tool gives MCA access to market statistics and an ability to view how the market competition works. It is believed that over time the prices of telecom services will go down as a result of the increased price transparency that the tariff tool offers.